Breathing Rights Organization

My Right To Breath Does Not, Shall Not, End Where Your Fears Begin!

The Breathing Impaired and Breathing Restricted Have The Human Right To Breathe Unmolested.  This is a physical disability which needs to be officially recognized.

quote, liberty is the souls right to breathe and when it cannot take along breath laws are, henry ward beecher,

Specifically, the right to not take away the little air that we do have by forcing us to wear a mask.

The idea of wearing a mask is PURE TERRORISM TO ME, and I’m sure many others as well.

San Diego County where I live, put up a “mandatory mask” policy here:

It says to businesses:  Refuse service to anyone not wearing a face covering, unless the customer has a health condition that prevents it.

But I have had 3 doctors, so far, refuse me any sort of written “waiver” to prove my impaired breathing condition to these businesses, so the business can still refuse service due to lack of proper “credentials”.

I think my first doctor is a “CNN NON-MASK SHAMER” – he just said no (no one deserves a waiver).  The next two doctors refused based on advice from “the legal department” – despite that fact that they all know what a difficult position I am in due to my severe breathing restriction.

Going out in public is a real adventure for me because I don’t know which businesses will allow me to enter, after I grovel to enter, and which ones will physically remove me, or block passage, which is happening with much more frequency.

my body, my choice, I choose not to wear a mask,

I choose to NOT wear a mask, ever!!

As of this writing (5/15/2020) the county is still allowing businesses to discriminate against us here:

Here is the wording on their site now:

“Businesses need to require customers to wear face coverings. They should accommodate customers who have a disability preventing a covering.”

SHOULD? Should is NOT MUST!!!  With should, they are still AUTHORIZED TO SAY NO.

Dogs, And Their Owners, Have More Rights Than I Do

Someone who brings a dog into a store CAN NOT BE ASKED if the owner possesses an “ESA Certificate” (Emotion Service Animal).  It is a violation of their privacy to even ask to see if they are indeed qualified.

Yet I am forced to give a detailed record of my medical history to a 30 something “manager” in the front door of the Costco or Vons, so I can try to prove my “medical exemption” to enter without a mask.

So at this time, DOGS and their owners have more rights that I do as a breathing impaired human being.  It’s ok that my rights be denied by not showing the badge that the doctors won’t give me anyway?

I’m really stuck here…

My right to breath SHALL NOT be infringed.

Dr Fauci Says We Should NOT Be Wearing Masks